Fanboyism, not really…

To my surprise, it seems that the articles became rather popular (just google “Linux4Coffee”). I want to thank all users who commented on my blog, even if some comments were too offensive to be published. I approved all negative comments unless there were inappropriate words and/or expressions.

If you googled “Linux4Coffee”, you have probably seen that many people accuse me of “Ubuntu fanboyism”. I made this post to deny this accusation. My post “7 reasons why Ubuntu is so successful” was obviously neither propagandizing Ubuntu, nor blaming other distributions. I just highlighted the reasons why, in my opinion, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and we all know this is an undeniable a fact.

I am not the one to blame if Ubuntu is the most successful distribution… If you read my article and you still believe that none of the reasons I mention there is good enough to make it so, then post a comment and say your opinion! Accusations of “fanboyism” without providing any counter-argument make you a fanboy, since only fanboys, accuse without any sort of logical argument to support their opinion.

One last thing: Please don’t use @linux4coffee etc as your email address/name in comments, I will be forced to reject it.

Till next time,
Keep drinking coffee 😉