Fanboyism, not really…

To my surprise, it seems that the articles became rather popular (just google “Linux4Coffee”). I want to thank all users who commented on my blog, even if some comments were too offensive to be published. I approved all negative comments unless there were inappropriate words and/or expressions.

If you googled “Linux4Coffee”, you have probably seen that many people accuse me of “Ubuntu fanboyism”. I made this post to deny this accusation. My post “7 reasons why Ubuntu is so successful” was obviously neither propagandizing Ubuntu, nor blaming other distributions. I just highlighted the reasons why, in my opinion, Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distribution and we all know this is an undeniable a fact.

I am not the one to blame if Ubuntu is the most successful distribution… If you read my article and you still believe that none of the reasons I mention there is good enough to make it so, then post a comment and say your opinion! Accusations of “fanboyism” without providing any counter-argument make you a fanboy, since only fanboys, accuse without any sort of logical argument to support their opinion.

One last thing: Please don’t use @linux4coffee etc as your email address/name in comments, I will be forced to reject it.

Till next time,
Keep drinking coffee 😉


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  1. Mike said,

    November 5, 2007 at 1:54 pm

    Congratulations on two points.

    First, your well thought out and well presented comments on Ubuntu. Much of the success of Ubuntu vs other distributions is because they make it easier for the non-techie (me) to install and use (now installed on all five PC’s in our home and my laptop). While the Linux community has done a great service creating and supporting this product, Ubuntu has exceeded all the flavors by focusing on the ease of use. Since I have tried five other flavors I can speak from my experience. My hope for the future of Ubuntu is that they can build on the product and make it enterprise ready.

    Second, the success of this blog. The negative comments, the idiot fanboys with no support for their arguments only show that you have hit the right notes.

    The most significant Linux strength is the community and Ubuntu has clearly identified this and works hard to include all aspects of the community. Hence the many flavors of Ubuntu. The most significant weakness in the Linux community are the fanboys who have a narrow view, their own, of what is acceptable and what is not. The gnome kde arguments cause the community to spend too much time focusing within rather than outside.

    Take a larger view fanboys and grow up.

    Keep the coffee coming.

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