Linux4Coffee is moving!

I want to thank you all for participating in this blog. It is my decision to stop updating this blog and move to a different domain and a host that will provide more flexibility than

Linux4Coffee will remain in WordPress since it has proved to be a reliable and flexible CMS. The blog will probably be renamed to something else, become much more active and focus on more aspects of technology than just Linux and free software. Content quality and improving reader experience are my top goals.

Thank you for participating and reading this blog, it has been a pleasure having so many thoughtful and interesting readers expressing their opinions.

I will post the new domain here in a few days, old posts from L4C will be copied there and this blog will remain inactive. You are all welcome to participate and offer your thoughts, opinions and comments.

Having been amazed by the quality and depth of some comments, I have decided that, as soon as the new blog is up, I’ll offer the opportunity for more active participation to any reader of this blog that has something worthwhile to say.

Once again, thank you for reading and participating,